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Here you see the large municipalities of Strömsund, Sollefteå and Ragunda. Since the introduction of clear-cutting, 88% of the forest has been clear-felled. At the same time about 5,114 km of forest roads have been built. Click on the thumbnails above to see how the area has changed.


Clear-cut areas are marked in brown. Clear-cutting of old-growth forests is the main reason species suffer and end up on the Red List. With so few of the old-growth forests remaining, it’s high time for a change.

Forest roads become barriers

Logging trails and forest roads for harvesting machines are marked in black. The road network cuts up the landscape and some species find it more difficult to move about. In addition, the flow of water through the soil changes, and the natural distribution of nutrients is disturbed.

Difficult for species to move about
The animation shows the distribution of species throughout the landscape. Bright red and yellow colors show where species have been thriving and spreading. The black areas, which have become more dominant, show where the species have found it increasingly difficult to live and spread. The change is a consequence of clear cutting and the lack of old-growth forests.