There are many opinions and misconceptions about forestry. We simply want to show you what our Swedish forests look like today. And why it is urgent that we protect the old-growth forests before they are gone forever.

Here you can explore forests in different parts of Sweden and through recent photographs, films, 3D-animations, and illustrations find out how much of it is being protected, how much has been deforested and the effects on endangered species as well as the climate.

The purpose of this site is to visualize unbiased facts to make it easier for the public, forest owners, and decision-makers to understand and gain deeper insights into how we can better care of our forest – today and well into the future.

Hope this will make things clearer for you!

The forest in images

Clear-cutting leads to several negative effects that most of us don’t think of. The land gets chopped up by a network of small roads that must be built for heavy forest machinery. The number of animals, insects, and plants are drastically reduced and threatened by local extinctions. And, in addition, frightening amounts of carbon dioxide are released. Here you can see for yourself!


Myths and misconceptions

The heated forest debate contains a plethora of information. Here we debunk some of the most common myths and clear up misconceptions about forestry, biodiversity, and the climate. For example, are we really saving the climate by planting two trees for each one being cut down?

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Here's how you can contribute has just begun documenting what the Swedish forests really look like. Still, there is a much more that needs to be captured on camera to get the full picture. And, you can help! If there are any forests in your vicinity that are at risk of felling, this is what you can do.

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